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Investment & Consolidation in the Opioid/Medication-Assisted Treatment Industry

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Published July 2020

Provident Healthcare Partners’ investment banking team works with privately owned healthcare companies to provide advisory services related to mergers and acquisitions. Prior to formal engagement, Provident works with companies to provide the upfront education to shareholders necessary to understand the economics, structure, and motivation of a transaction. Following the education process, if formally engaged, Provident leverages their extensive knowledge of the buyer universe to find the most compatible partner and drive valuations for a company’s previously illiquid stock. Driving the entire transaction process, Provident facilitates and assists with deal structuring, negotiations, exit planning/processing, counseling amongst shareholders, and due diligence.

Report Summary

• Introduction
• Increased Accessibility Exposes Strong Demand
• Outpatient Trends Bolstered by Reduced Supply
Technological Advancement Has Potential to Increase Quality of Care and Profits
• Diversity of Technology Investment Opportunities through Outside Capital
•What Is Private Equity?
•How Does Private Equity Grow a Business?
•Case Study: How Private Equity Utilizes Add-ons to Grow
• Private Equity Led Consolidation in Medication-Assisted Treatment
• Case Study: Community Medical Services (Clearview Capital)
•Concluding Thoughts


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