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Provident Healthcare Partners
Strategic Advisory

We recognize that successful partnerships depend on earning and maintaining trust over an extended period of time. Provident works both with mature clients seeking immediate transactions, as well as those in their formative years who simply wish to be well-positioned for future transactions.

Strategic and Timely Advice


Improved Operational Decision Making:

By working with potential clients well in advance of a transaction process, Provident is able to provide strategic guidance that positions organizations to complete successful transactions when the time is right.

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Long-Standing Relationships:

Through long-standing relationships we have maintained with a broad array of industry executives, Provident facilitates introductions to experienced third parties ideally suited for a client’s range of pre-transaction preparation and business optimization needs.


Strategic Guidance:

Provident helps executives and shareholders prepare their organizations for a future transaction and make sound strategic decisions that highlight value during the process.

Bill Herman

“We were very pleased with the guidance and insight the Provident team provided throughout this process. The Provident team not only has an in-depth understanding of the oncology space, but they know the subtleties and tendencies of the major aggregators within the industry. This understanding was very valuable.” Commented Bill Herman, CEO of Verdi Oncology.