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Healthcare Financing – Debt & Equity | Provident Healthcare Partners

Our work uncovers the true financing needs of our healthcare clients.

Provident’s team works with healthcare organizations to deliver the right equity or debt capital solution to address short and long-term needs.

Through smart use of debt or equity, healthcare organizations can maintain majority ownership while obtaining the capital needed to support continued expansion. Many organizations are not yet prepared to undergo a full recapitalization or strategic buyout but would like to raise financing to pursue acquisition targets, dividend recapitalizations, de novo projects, or other growth initiatives. Provident works with our clients to determine their financing needs and advise on the proper strategy to align with healthcare-focused lenders.

Committed to Uncovering Your True Goals and Objectives


Strategic Financing Insight:

Provident works with clients to identify the best source of healthcare financing that helps them achieve their business objectives.

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Healthcare Industries Relationships:

Provident maintains relationships with healthcare-focused lenders to make sure clients partner with like-minded debt capital sources that understand their business.


Deploying Capital:

Provident helps clients effectively deploy newly-sourced capital for acquisition opportunities, de novo expansion, working capital, or special distributions to shareholders.

Steven Rosenfeld

“The world of private equity is relationship-driven. These PE firms know which investment bankers they can trust and which companies they prefer to work with. Provident has a stellar reputation and commands the respect of all private equity companies in healthcare. Provident was accessible, responsive, thoughtful, creative, and supportive throughout our entire process. They were honest, ethical, and a pleasure to deal with,” – Steven Rosenfeld, MD.