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Trends in Healthcare Staffing

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Published December 2017

The healthcare staffing industry experienced ~15% revenue growth in 2016, which was complemented with a healthy merger and acquisition environment that has continued into 2017. The industry’s positive growth trend is sustainable because of the high demand for healthcare professionals, resulting from rising levels of US healthcare spend. Additionally, healthcare facilities have faced challenges in predicting patient inflow, which results in fluctuations in the need for staffing personnel and a greater demand for temporary staffing services as facilities can rely on a rolodex of healthcare professionals the staffing group has obtained. The shortage of physicians is also creating a large demand for both locum tenens staffing and permanent physician staffing services. Facilities who utilize healthcare staffing companies also have less need to improve the infrastructure of their HR department as staffing firms serve as a less expensive and higher quality option. This particularly holds true as staffing companies improve their operating models through the use of Vendor Management Service (VMS) and other staffing technologies aimed at improving the overall employment process for both facilities and professionals.

Report Summary
• Consolidation Trends
• Overview of Private Equity
• Example of Private Equity Platform
• Staffing Private Equity Deal- Case Study
• Concluding Thoughts

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