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Transformative Landscape within Healthcare Education

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Published March 2022

Healthcare is one of the highest employing industries in the country with growth expected to eclipse 16% over the next ten years. Maintaining education for healthcare providers is an integral component of the American healthcare system, contributing significantly to improved patient outcomes and overall quality of care. The importance of education in healthcare has contributed to a growing share of spend within the industry, which is projected to grow at an 8.4% CAGR over the next five years.(1) The $85 billion market encompasses three distinct categories across a provider’s career path: exam preparation, educational institutions, and continuing education. Provident tracks investor interest in all three verticals given an abundance of growth opportunities and synergies with adjacent services.

At the core of the healthcare education process lies educational institutions. Institutions officially induct new healthcare providers and includes medical schools, nursing schools, certification programs, and similar businesses. Overall, educational institutions are experiencing enrollment growth driven by broader demand for healthcare services and an existing labor shortage.

As the keystone of healthcare education, institutions often provide a partnership opportunity for other types of healthcare education companies by sharing access to its consumer base, enrolled students. Investors recognize the significance of the centralized role played by these institutions. For example, Unitek Learning has undergone two successful private equity investments, first with Cressey & Company in 2013 and later with The Vistria Group in 2020. Unitek offers an array of programs including Masters Degrees, Bachelors Degrees, and certifications for a variety of assistant and technician positions, having exposure in all levels of healthcare education.

Whitepaper Summary

  • Introduction
  • Understanding the Healthcare Education Landscape
  • Healthcare Education Market Dynamics
  • Healthcare Education Growth Drivers
  • A New Wave of M&A Activity
  • Private-Equity Interest & Key Consolidation Themes
  • Partnership Considerations
  • Private Equity Secondary & Tertiary Transactions
  • Select Private Equity Add-On Transactions
  • Conclusion
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