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Q3 2023 Gastroenterology Update

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Q3 2023 Gastroenterology Update

Gastroenterology continues to be an active M&A sector within physician services as Q3-23 was characterized by continued add-on acquisitions from existing private equity-backed platforms.

The partnership with Blair Gastro and GI Specialists of Delaware by U.S. Digestive Health (USDH) reflects a strategic focus on geographic density that has become a pivotal driver of recent growth for major consolidators across the country. By strengthening its presence in Delaware and Central Pennsylvania, USDH has the ability to deliver meaningful income repair opportunities for its partnered practices. Gastro Health and GI Alliance’s Q3 deals reflect a similar strategy as add-ons to larger practices in FL and CT, respectively.

As the industry continues to mature, Provident expects to see private equity-backed platforms continue to double-down on states and regions they are in, versus the initial strategy of planting a flag in various regions.

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