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Q1-2023 Healthcare Education Update

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Q1-2023 Healthcare Education Update

In Q1 2023, the healthcare education sector announced four completed transactions. M&A activity was largely driven by strategic acquirers adding density to existing services.  A consistent theme in the space, the sector continues to draw interest from a broad array of strategic buyers, this quarter including health systems and general technology and professional services platforms.

The acquisitions of NurseTim by Wolters Kluwer and eeds by HealthStream also demonstrate the interest from large consolidators in earlier-stage platforms. The growth potential and strong margin profiles of tech-enabled healthcare education companies attract investors across the spectrum of size.

Despite the decreased transaction volumes in Q1, strategic and financial investors still intend to deploy significant capital into healthcare education in the coming year. Throughout 2023, Provident anticipates more add-on activity as a result of new platforms created in late 2022 and an increasing number of diversified strategics forming an investment thesis in the sector.

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