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Q1-2023 Addiction Treatment Update

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Q1-2023 Addiction Treatment Update

The addiction treatment sector saw a slight drop-off in transactions during Q1, unlike the rest of the behavioral health industry. Many notable consolidators, such as Baymark Health Services, Lifestance, and Transformations Care network, have announced a shift away from a focus on M&A and are instead prioritizing internal organic growth. This is a trend we are seeing playout across the behavioral health space as rising interest rates have made M&A an expensive option for consolidators.

Looking ahead to the remainder of 2023, we anticipate a continued slowdown in dealmaking from years past. This isĀ  driven by a difficult labor environment, volatile capital markets, and a more scrutinous lending environment will all contribute to slower-paced M&A in the upcoming year.

To print and download the full Addiction Treatment Update report, please click below…

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