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Private Equity Investment in Oral Surgery

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Recorded January 14, 2020

As private equity looks to replicate its successes across specialty physician services, significant investment activity has begun to occur in the oral and maxillofacial surgery sector. The goal of these transactions is to create an alignment between clinically leading oral surgery practices and private equity firms to position the practice for growth and success in the ever-changing health care environment.

Beginning in 2018 we began to see strong private equity investment and consolidation activity within the oral surgery market as Riverglade Capital formed US Oral Surgery Management in conjunction with Austin Oral. US Oral Surgery has since expanded across the state of Texas and into Colorado, Minnesota, Tennessee, Alabama, and Georgia. The success of the US Oral platform has drawn interest from other private equity firms to invest into the sector.

Most recently, Sheridan Capital Partners invested in St. Louis-based Oral Surgery Partners, and InTandem Capital announced a partnership with Nebraska Oral and Facial, Omaha Oral Surgery, and Advanced Oral Surgery. Several other leading oral surgery practices around the country are exploring private equity options as well. With the introduction of these new platforms into the space, it is expected that merger & acquisition activity will continue to accelerate similar to how it has within the dental practice management sector.

Through this webinar we will provide an update on the current state of the market, discuss what physicians should think about as they consider a transaction, and outline what typical transaction terms look like for practices. This webinar will include insight from both an investment banking advisor and two health care attorneys who have been active in guiding physician groups through private equity transaction processes in oral surgery, and will draw on the knowledge gained from being at the forefront of consolidation within physician services.

You can access the recording on YouTube or below:

Presented By:

Gina Casiello, Corporate Marketing and Communications at Provident Healthcare Partners

Dean Gould, Associate at Dykema

Craig Woods, Member at Dykema

If you have questions about the event, please contact Gina Casiello.