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Private Equity Investment in Gastroenterology

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Private Equity Investment in Gastroenterology

As the leading middle-market merger and acquisition advisory firm within physician services, Provident Healthcare Partners possesses unique insight into the current trends facing the practice management industry and how these trends will likely drive future consolidation activity. Provident also has a reputation for representing early-movers in specific physician specialties through landmark transactions with private equity firms. Past examples of these transactions include Great Expressions Dental Center’s partnership with Audax Group, National Spine & Pain Centers’ recapitalization with Sentinel Capital Partners, Katzen Eye Group’s partnership with Varsity Healthcare Partners, and most recently Women’s Health Care Group of PA’s transaction with Audax Group. Given the many parallels to these specialties, Provident predicts gastroenterology is one of the next physician services sectors to undergo significant investment and consolidation.

Report Summary
• Gastroenterology Macroeconomic Trends
• Consolidation Trends in Parallel Specialties
• First-Mover Example: National Spine & Pain Centers
• Implications for Gastroenterology
• Concluding Thoughts

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