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Investing In OWL: A Q&A with Two Member-Partners Fueling Innovation in Ophthalmology

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BLOG: Investing In OWL: A Q&A with two member-partners fueling innovation in ophthalmology

At OWL, we understand that a large part of our role is simply to bring amazing people together. Through our forum, individuals, nonprofits and health care companies learn, generate ideas, build relationships and help each other grow. At the Ophthalmology Technology Summit this summer, we sat down with two of OWL’s member-partners — OCTANe and Provident Healthcare Partners — to learn what makes these investment companies unique and what they contribute to the OWL community.

How does Provident encourage health care investment?

As an investment banking firm, Provident Healthcare Partners represents health care services companies located throughout the country, looking to explore a transaction process such as partnering with a strategic organization or raising capital via a private equity firm. We work in an advisory capacity, acting as an intermediary between owners of companies and investors interested in health care services.

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