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Guest Spotlight – The Etherist Podcast, Season 2: Models and Mergers

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AJ Shekar was a guest speaker on Season Two Episode 2: Mergers and Models of The Etherist Podcast, presented by Anesthesiology News.

Episode Description: Anesthesiology is a specialty experiencing unique changes. On the one hand, there is debate over practice models and supervision rules. On the other hand, there is rapid consolidation of anesthesia practices across the United States.

These two issues are in addition to the potential crisis of a physician anesthesiologist shortage in the coming years. The question that we seek to answer in this episode of “Anesthesiology News presents The Etherist” is whether these issues will lead to positive or negative outcomes for the specialty, and more specifically for the role of physician anesthesiologists.

In episode 2, we ask how these large specialty-specific trends could shape the future of anesthesia care and the pending physician anesthesiologist shortage.

Listen to the episode here or on Spotify.


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