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Guest Spotlight – Capitalizing on Primary Care: Trends and Opportunities, With Craig Sager

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Craig Sager was a guest on McGuire Wood’s podcast, The Corner Series. 

On this episode of The Banker’s Corner, McGuireWoods’ Geoff Cockrell talks to Craig Sager, director at Provident Healthcare Partners, about investing in primary care.

Craig, who leads the company’s sell-side M&A in primary care and behavioral health, shares his insights on investors working with fee-for-service healthcare groups. Some investors may find it too risky and prefer to wait for the transition to value-based care before investing, he notes. Others see an opportunity to enter at a lower price and facilitate the conversion to value-based care.

For the remainder of 2023 and into 2024, investors can be confident that there will always be interest in this sector and capital is available to be deployed.

Listen below or on Spotify.