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Examining Consolidation in Autism Services

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Recorded February 4, 2020

While consolidation within the broader behavioral health sector is nothing unique to 2020, there has been a particular focus on autism services over the last 18 months as financial sponsors look to establish provider networks with scale and sophistication in order to better track clinical outcomes and create the model ABA business of the future. With more inclusive legislation, increasing patient demand, and a maturing payor landscape, business owners are more motivated than ever to position their organizations for success in a young and evolving sector.

This webinar will focus on how private equity is changing the autism therapy sector and how business owners and clinicians around the country are using this to their advantage. This will include how business owners are leveraging private equity partners to increase back office sophistication and creating systems to better track patient outcomes; positioning themselves for the future of reimbursement and payor relations. Quality and patient care do not have to be sacrificed as organizations grow when investment and attention are given to clinician training, patient tracking, employee retention, and outcomes data.

Our presenters will touch on the following points:
• How private equity transactions are structured;
• Pain points in a deal process;
• What business owners should know before pursuing a partner;
• What drives valuations and how can business owners create value;
• Pros and cons of a private equity partner;
• How to handle a potential sale within your organization.

The webinar will include insight both an investment banking advisor and two health care M&A attorneys that have been active in guiding ABA providers through merger and acquisition transaction processes and related regulatory issues. Each professional will draw upon the knowledge gained from being at the forefront of consolidation across health care.

You can access the recording on YouTube or below:

Presented By:

Gina Casiello, Corporate Marketing and Communications at Provident Healthcare Partners
Steven Grassa, Associate at Provident Healthcare Partners
Barry Alexander, Shareholder at Polsinelli
Paul Gomez, Principal at Polsinelli