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Consolidation in Clinical Research Sites and COVID’s Impact

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Published August 2020

There are several factors including market fragmentation, growth trends and operational efficiencies driving consolidation in the clinical research sites space. Despite the COVID pandemic’s initial effect, we expect high levels of M&A in the sector for the remainder of 2020 and for 2021.

The research sites market is highly fragmented, made up of mostly physician practices, performing studies on a part time basis, and stand-alone clinics. The total market for clinical research sites is also estimated at $13.8 billion and in the United States, an estimated 40,000 doctors, 4% of total physicians, have participated in at least one clinical trial. However, commercial sponsors and CROs utilize about 3,000 research sites for clinical trial execution. There is a “one and done” factor that is at play for physicians. Doctors typically participate in a trial, only to never participate in another study. The problem could be alleviated with site engagement through increased consolidation.

Report Summary

• Trends Driving Consolidation in Pharma Services Research Sites
• Post-Transaction Integration and Synergies
• Private Equity Involvement in Clinical Research
•Example Buy and Build Strategy: Headlands Research
• COVID’s Impact on Clinical Trials

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