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Together, our diverse and complementary blend of experience is unmatched in the middle market of healthcare advisory services.
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Edward Bernazzani

Team member nameEdward Bernazzani

Team member roleManaging Director and Chief Financial Officer

Ed Bernazzani is the Chief Financial Officer and Managing Director at Provident Healthcare Partners, and has been part of the firm since 1998.

Ed is responsible for all financial analysis, due diligence, and custom financial presentations.

Prior to joining Provident, Ed worked at the Controller/CFO level of various entrepreneurial driven firms, including Northland Investment Corporation and Leggat McCall Properties, LLC. Ed spent his first six years in public accounting, specializing in audit and tax engagements of closely held businesses. His public accounting experience included time with both local firms as well as with international firms including KPMG and Deloitte.

Ed holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Boston College.