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Michael Patton

Managing Director

(617) 226-4205

Michael Patton is a Managing Director at Provident Healthcare Partners.

Mr. Patton has managed numerous transactions in many verticals within the healthcare industry. He maintains relationships with both strategic acquirers and private equity sponsors and assesses and monitors each client’s growth and profitability strategies. He is also responsible for seeking out acquirers and advising clients, negotiating the definitive purchase agreements and acting as a liaison throughout the deal process. He is directly involved in all aspects of M&A transactions, including, financial analysis, negotiation, due diligence and inter-company correspondence.

As a veteran of financial analysis and strategy, Mr. Patton honed his practical knowledge of corporate operations and investment banking through strategic and financial training while at Merrill Lynch where he worked as a Financial Consultant.

Mr. Patton graduated from Franklin and Marshall College with a degree in Business Administration.