Private Equity Accelerating Consolidation In The CDMO Market

The CDMO industry has benefitted from big pharma’s divestment of in-house development and manufacturing capabilities in this current economic cycle. The sector has grown at a consistent 7 percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for the better part of a decade, outpacing that of the greater pharmaceutical industry itself. The rise of competition from new CDMO players and consolidation within the pharmaceutical sponsor space, however, has led to a crowded market and, in many cases, a commoditized service base.

To compete in this environment, CDMOs have utilized various strategies to achieve economies of scale, diversify their service offerings, and vertically integrate to create a more marketable offering to the sponsor community.

To read the full article written by AJ Shekar and Bill Bolding, click here: Private Equity Accelerating Consolidation In The CDMO Market

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