Recorded May 22, 2019

Beginning in the late 2000’s, the interventional pain management sector has continued to see a steady stream of private equity-led investment and consolidation. In the last 12 months, there were four new private equity platform transactions in the pain management space. While there continues to be robust transaction activity within the sector, it remains a highly fragmented industry with plenty of macroeconomic growth drivers and white-space opportunity for existing pain management organizations to expand. Many regional groups have noted the favorable sell-side conditions created by a resurgence of interest in pain and have partnered with capital providers to accelerate growth. As private equity-backed groups compete for market share, pain practices have several partnership options to evaluate, each with varying transaction structures and strategies.

This webinar will focus on providing pain management providers and operators with an industry update regarding the current trends and transaction activity driving today’s pain market, how to evaluate the best long-term partner, and the potential risks associated with pursuing a transaction.

The webinar will include insight both an investment banking advisor and a health care M&A attorney that have been active in guiding pain management practices through merger and acquisition transaction processes and related regulatory issues. Each professional will draw upon the knowledge gained from being at the forefront of consolidation across health care.

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Presented by:

Abe M’Bodj, Senior Analyst at Provident Healthcare Partners

Hal Katz, Partner at Husch Blackwell


If you have questions regarding this event, or would like a copy of the slide deck, please contact Gina Casiello.


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