Provident Perspectives

Investment & Consolidation in Healthcare Consulting– The overall increase in healthcare spend, changing regulatory environment, and disruptive technology has led to a surge in demand for healthcare consulting services, driving the speed and volume of industry consolidation.

Investment & Consolidation in Addiction Treatment– The Substance Abuse sector has experienced significant investment activity as rising demand and significant fragmentation within the sector continue to create a ripe environment for consolidation.

Market Trends and M&A in Home Health / Hospice– The home health and hospice market remains one of the most fragmented sectors within healthcare services with many independent players holding significant market share in their respective geographies. Given the wide breadth of smaller companies, demand for home-based care, and the non capital-intensive nature of the business, there is significant opportunity in the space for both private equity and strategic-led consolidation.

Consolidation in Outsourced Pharmaceutical Services– Contract Research Organizations (CROs) and Contract Development & Manufacturing Organizations (CDMOs) are utilizing strategic mergers, acquisitions, and private equity partnerships to capitalize on tailwinds in the outsourced pharmaceutical services sector.

Private Equity Driven Consolidation within Neurosurgery and Neurology– Merger and acquisition activity in the Neuroscience market to accelerate considerably over the next 6-18 months.

Consolidation in Anesthesia– Merger and acquisition activity in the anesthesia healthcare vertical continues to see a large inflow of private equity capital. An everchanging healthcare environment characterized by an aging population and practice consolidation will continue to drive merger and acquisition activity for the foreseeable future.

Consolidation in the Medicare Advantage Sector– Merger and acquisition activity in the Medicare Advantage market is set to continue into the foreseeable future. A favorable growth backdrop defined by an aging population and bipartisan congressional support will continue to drive interest from strategic acquirers and other investors.

The Evolving M&A Landscape in the Physical Therapy Sector– Following years of private equity investment, the physical therapy industry continues to see steady consolidation as market fragmentation persists.

Investment & Consolidation in Autism– Autism Services has seen significant investment activity recently as rising demand and significant fragmentation within the sector have created an environment ripe for consolidation.

Trends in Specialty Pharmacy– As the direct connection between consumers and the rest of the pharmaceutical system, specialty pharmacies are playing an increasingly important role in the rapidly changing healthcare environment. Partnerships with private equity groups and strategic consolidators are two paths independent pharmacies have to compete with the industry giants and accelerate their growth trajectories.

Trends in Healthcare Staffing– Over recent years the healthcare staffing industry has experienced significant consolidation with private equity, private equity-backed strategics, and public strategics completing acquisitions or investments. Macroeconomic indicators suggest a consistent demand for healthcare staffing services while the sector remains fragmented, implying further consolidation among industry players.

Private Equity Investment in Dental Care– Dental is a sector that has long been a favorite of the private equity community. Consolidation within the sector has continued unabated for 20 years driven by favorable growth dynamics and continued market fragmentation.

Private Practice Consolidation Opportunity in the Fragmented Urology Specialty– Private equity investment and consolidation in the urology sector will provide an opportunity for independent practices to avoid the trend of hospital employment by continuing to thrive in a group practice setting.

Private Equity Investment in Orthopedics– Orthopedics is a sector ripe for consolidation. Favorable industry tailwinds and significant fragmentation in the market has set the stage for a wave of M&A activity driven by private equity investment in the marketplace.

Private Equity Investment in Gastroenterology– Market fragmentation in conjunction with a favorable macroeconomic backdrop has set the stage for investment and consolidation within gastroenterology. In this Provident Perspective, we examine the future of private equity investment and merger & acquisition activity within the sector.

Consolidation and Investment in Dermatology– Dermatology has experienced tremendous growth in recent years. In this Provident Perspective, we examine how volume growth, coupled with significant fragmentation within the sector has led to a robust investment and acquisition environment.

Understanding Primary Care’s Consolidation: Partnership Motivations & Trends– In this Provident Perspective, we examine how the ongoing shift to value-based reimbursement is leading to heightened merger and acquisition activity within primary care. An increase in deal volume is coupled with a broadening of potential partners; as health systems, payors, private equity firms, and strategic companies are aggressively competing for attractive opportunities.

Private Equity Investment in Vision Care: Creating a Comprehensive Provider– The vision care sector has recently attracted significant interest from private equity investors across each of the three sub-sectors. In this Provident Perspective, we provide an overview of ongoing consolidation within the eye care industry and the opportunity for providers to develop a one-stop shop for vision care.

Consolidation: A Growing Trend in Radiology– In this Provident Perspective, we examine the heightened merger and acquisition activity that has occurred in radiology over the past several years, as well as trends within the sector that strongly support the logic for further consolidation.

Top Trends in the Contract Research Organization Industry– In this Provident Perspective, we will discuss our thoughts on the main trends driving the contract research industry. Through discussions with industry executives, private equity groups, and proprietary research, we have established a list of eight definitive insights into the space and how they are affecting the current M&A marketplace.

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