Industry Reports

Q3-2018 Anesthesia Services Update – Consolidation within the anesthesia services sector remained heightened in the third quarter of 2018, as large national players continued to expand through acquisition, targeting opportunities to that increase geographic density and create leverage with payors.

Q3-2018 Behavioral Health Update – Transaction activity within the behavioral health segment continued in the third quarter of the year, with transactions occurring across substance abuse, autism, eating disorder, and telepsychiatry sub-verticals.

Q3-2018 CRO Update – While the previous four quarters had been defined by super mergers and strategic consolidation, the third quarter of 2018 saw a resurgence of private equity investment into the contract research space.

Q3-2018 Dental Services Update– Following a strong second quarter within the dental services sector, during the third quarter, consolidation activity remained elevated.

Q3-2018 Dermatology Update– The third quarter saw many strategic consolidators moving outside of their core geographies, a clear sign that the sector is evolving and moving towards the next phase of the investment cycle.

Q3-2018 Emergency Medical Services Update– The emergency medical services sector has continued to see consolidation, especially within ambulance transportation services and urgent care.

Q3-2018 Healthcare IT Update– While start up funding has continued to accelerate, already surpassing the 2017 funding total of $5.7B, merger and acquisition activity has remained stagnant. As some of these early stage companies begin to mature, Provident expects the number of exits to drastically increase, providing ample investment opportunity for both strategic and private equity investors.

Q3-2018 Home Health & Hospice Update– With the increasingly prevalent threat of larger payors entering the space, like Humana, we continue to see smaller groups utilize M&A as a way to offset the burden of competing with data capabilities and scale. Moreover, platform capable groups are turning towards private equity to take advantage of acquisition opportunities through a roll-up strategy.

Q3-2018 Laboratory Services Update– Increasing demand from patients for advanced technologies and quick, accurate, test results have put pressure on the laboratory services industry to find new and innovative ways to meet a changing healthcare landscape.

Q3-2018 Ophthalmology Update – Investment activity within the ophthalmology sector showed no signs of slowing in the third quarter, characterized by two landmark private equity partnerships in the Tri-State area.

Q3-2018 Pharmacy Services Update – Two multi-billion dollar pharmacy services deals in the third quarter are signaling a heightened interest in pharmacy from both strategic consolidators and private equity investors.

Q3-2018 Physician Services Update– During the third quarter of 2018, significant investment and consolidation activity continued across the physician services segment.

Q3-2018 Private Equity Industry Update– While some of the key metrics for the private equity industry are slightly down from the prior quarter, the industry as a whole is performing at peak level with little indication of any meaningful drop off to come.   

Q3-2018 Rehabilitation Update – Given the high levels of fragmentation and consolidation activity in the physical therapy sector, Provident expects merger and acquisition activity in the space to continue for the foreseeable future.

Q3-2018 Healthcare Staffing Update– The diversity of transaction activity within healthcare staffing continued in the third quarter of 2018, with transactions successfully closed across technology, nursing, allied, locum tenens, rehabilitation, and home care sub-verticals.

Q3-2018 Veterinary Services Update– The Veterinary Services market has continued to see evolving market consolidation as many veterinary companies begin to feel the pressure from large private equity backed consolidators building out regional platforms and impeding on market share.

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