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Q1-2017 CRO Update– The first quarter of 2017 experienced the same high valuations and favorable market fundamentals in the contract research space that were observed in 2016. Factors driving merger and acquisition activity include a robust pharma pipeline, a growing proportion of drugs under development attributed to smaller pharmaceutical companies, and an increased focus on the development of biologics and biosimilars.

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Q4-2016 CRO Update– The last few years have seen a tremendous amount of consolidation in the pharmaceutical space, leading to significant financial changes in the CRO industry. Although the dollars spent on outsourced research continues to rise, CRO’s are competing over a few number of total contracts.

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Q3-2016 CRO Update– Outsourced research services continues to experience a shift to a ‘one-stop-shop’ model. As groups recognize the benefits of having a broad array of service offerings under one roof, they have turned to acquisition to fulfil this strategy.

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Q2-2016 CRO Update-The CRO landscape continues to experience dynamic consolidation as the industry places a larger focus on patient centricity and big data. Sponsors and CRO’s are increasingly placing clinical trials in settings that have the infrastructure to support electronic health and medical records, access to large patient populations, and improved patient convenience.


Provident Perspectives– In this Provident Perspective, we will discuss our thoughts on the main trends driving the contract research industry. Through discussions with industry executives, private equity groups, and proprietary research, we have established a list of eight definitive insights into the space and how they are affecting the current M&A marketplace.

Willow Annoucement

Transaction Advisory – Willow Laboratories announced today that it has been acquired by Ampersand Capital Partners. Willow is one of the country’s leading clinical and forensic toxicology laboratories providing urine, hair and saliva testing services to a wide range of healthcare providers including treatment centers, physician practices and other laboratories.

Blue-Sky Annocement

Transaction Advisory – Blue Sky Biotech, Inc. has completed a recapitalization with Boston-based private equity firm Ampersand Ventures. Blue Sky Biotech, based in Massachusetts, is a Contract Research Organization (CRO).

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