Q1-2018 CRO Update– Improving productivity and efficiency in clinical development processes will continue to be the main industry growth driver for 2018. As sponsors look to find ways to improve cycle time and reduce costs, contract research organizations that are able to provide risk based monitoring, adaptive trial designs, and flexible delivery models will see increased interest.

Q4-2017 CRO Update– The overall contract research market pulled back a bit in the fourth quarter of 2017. As many of the industry giants spent most of 2017 making large acquisitions, the final months saw mid-sized players make aggressive moves to broaden service lines.

Q3-2017 CRO Update– The current state of the contract research organization industry continues to be largely shaped by the super mergers of the past. The landscape for mid-sized CRO’s has drastically changed as the revenue gap has widened between mega-CRO’s and the rest of the industry.

Q2-2017 CRO Update– The mergers and acquisitions marketplace was robust in the second quarter of 2017. Several of the industry’s largest players were involved in transactions that are sure to alter the future of the CRO and outsourced research landscape.

Top Trends in the Contract Research Organization Industry– In this Provident Perspective, we will discuss our thoughts on the main trends driving the contract research industry. Through discussions with industry executives, private equity groups, and proprietary research, we have established a list of eight definitive insights into the space and how they are affecting the current M&A marketplace.

Transaction Advisory – Willow Laboratories announced today that it has been acquired by Ampersand Capital Partners. Willow is one of the country’s leading clinical and forensic toxicology laboratories providing urine, hair and saliva testing services to a wide range of healthcare providers including treatment centers, physician practices and other laboratories.

Transaction Advisory – Blue Sky Biotech, Inc. has completed a recapitalization with Boston-based private equity firm Ampersand Ventures. Blue Sky Biotech, based in Massachusetts, is a Contract Research Organization (CRO).

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