Industry Reports

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Q4-2016 Anesthesia Services Update– Anesthesia continued to be actively consolidated in the fourth quarter, with strategic consolidators again accounting for most of the deal flow. Interest remained high across a number of practice settings including all-physician practices, care team models, CRNA-only groups, and pain management providers.

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Q4-2016 Behavioral Health Update– In the fourth quarter of 2016, consolidation activity in the behavioral healthcare sector remained robust as both financial sponsors and private equity backed strategics were actively acquiring treatment providers to diversify their platforms’ service offerings and expand into new geographies.

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Q4-2016 CRO Update– The last few years have seen a tremendous amount of consolidation in the pharmaceutical space, leading to significant financial changes in the CRO industry. Although the dollars spent on outsourced research continues to rise, CRO’s are competing over a few number of total contracts.

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Q4-2016 Dental Services Update– Dental practice management organizations continued strong consolidation initiatives in the fourth quarter of 2016. Pediatric and general dental practices, and their management and service organization counterparts, continue to raise private equity capital and partner with private equity-backed strategic acquirers to build scale and infrastructure that are crucial to success in the evolving landscape of healthcare services in the United States.

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Q4-2016 Dermatology Update– Dermatology wrapped up a significant year in consolidation with another notable dermatology practice trading private equity partners along with strategic-led consolidation. Valuations within dermatology continue to lead healthcare services given the high demand for investment opportunities amidst a small number of platform opportunities.

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Q4-2016 Emergency Medical Services Update-The emergency medical services sector continued its heightened acquisition activity in the fourth quarter of the year, particularly within ambulance services and emergency department management which both experienced a heavy volume of activity from private equity backed groups.

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Q4-2016 Health Plans Update– Uncertainty among the state of the Affordable Care Act in the broader healthcare landscape has served as a significant hindrance to consolidation activity in the health plan arena, however, looking into 2017 the sector is anticipated to undergo heightened M&A activity as health plans adjust to ongoing shifts in reimbursement.

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Q4-2016 Healthcare IT Update– Healthcare Information Technology deal flow continued its momentum into the last quarter of 2016, as broad-based IT and revenue cycle management companies aggressively acquired niche-focused providers to enhance the scope of their services.

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Q4-2016 Home Health & Hospice Industry Update– While transaction volumes within the home health and hospice sector have remained strong throughout 2016, the fourth quarter illustrated private equity’s resurgence in the sector, with some of the largest deals of the year trading to private equity investors in the final months of the year.

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Q4-2016 Laboratory Services Update– A national increase in chronic and debilitating health conditions such as cancer and diabetes continues to fuel demand for clinical laboratory services from patients. The increase in chronic ailments is most prevalent among geriatric patients, a demographic that is expected to expand 20% over the next decade.

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Q4-2016 Pharmacy Services Update– The large and diversified buyer community within pharmacy services drove increased sector consolidation in the fourth quarter of 2016, as organizations continued to utilize mergers and acquisitions to capture market share and diversify service offerings.

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