Industry Reports

Q1-2018 Anesthesia Services Update-The first quarter of 2018 brought significant investment to the anesthesia services space as new private equity platforms began to emerge within the interventional pain management market and large private equity platforms entered new regions within the anesthesia market.

Q1-2018 Behavioral Health Update– The Behavioral Health space picked up where 2017 left off, experiencing another robust quarter of consolidation activity.

Q1-2018 CRO Update– Improving productivity and efficiency in clinical development processes will continue to be the main industry growth driver for 2018. As sponsors look to find ways to improve cycle time and reduce costs, contract research organizations that are able to provide risk based monitoring, adaptive trial designs, and flexible delivery models will see increased interest.

Q1-2018 Dental Services Update– Merger & acquisition activity remained strong during the first quarter of 2018 as private equity continues to deploy capital in the dental sector and new platforms continue to emerge to capitalize on the fragmented and attractive market.

Q1-2018 Dermatology Update– Consolidation activity within the Dermatology sector remained elevated throughout first quarter of 2018 as the sector continues to be one of the “hottest” within the physician practice management universe.

Q1-2018 Emergency Medical Services Update– Headlining the Emergency Medical Services sector this quarter was the private equity recapitalization of Paramedics Plus, a subsidiary of East Texas Medical Center Regional Healthcare System. The sector continues to attract meaningful interest from strategic and financial buyers.

Q1-2018 Home Health & Hospice Update– Home health and hospice continues to be one of the most active sectors within healthcare, with large strategic consolidators driving M&A activity in the first quarter of 2018.

Q1-2018 Healthcare IT Update– Healthcare IT remained one of the most active sectors in healthcare from an M&A standpoint, as investors and strategic consolidators sought partnerships across a number of different service lines.

Q1-2018 Laboratory Services Update– Uncertainty in the greater healthcare industry continues to trickle down to the laboratory services sector. Questions around the Medicare market-based national fee schedule and the expectation of major payment cuts for laboratory tests looms on the horizon. This reimbursement uncertainty has continued to fuel a robust consolidation market, with many small to mid-sized providers turning to consolidation to fend off industry headwinds.

Q1-2018 Ophthalmology Update– From an investment and consolidation standpoint, Ophthalmology continues to solidify itself as one of the most active sectors within physician services.

Q1-2018 Pharmacy Services Update-The pharmacy services sector has witnessed considerable consolidation at the top of the market in recent quarters, and this continued in the beginning of 2018 with Cigna Corporation announcing the intended acquisition of Express Scripts.

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