Past Events

Mergers and Acquisitions of ASCs and Orthopedic, Anesthesia and Pain Management Practices– Robert Aprill discussed Mergers and Acquisitions of ASCs and Orthopedic, Anesthesia and Pain Management Practices at the upcoming Becker’s 16th Annual Future of Spine + The Spine, Orthopedic and Pain Management-Driven ASC Conference taking place on June 14-16 in Chicago.

ACG Boston DealFest Northeast 2018– Scott Davis attended DealFest Northeast 2018, June 13-14, 2018, Boston, Massachusetts.

Conference: Attended– Eric Major and Steven Grassa attended the 2018 ASCRS ASOA Annual Meeting, April 13-17, 2018, Washington, DC.

Conference: Sponsorship– Provident sponsored and exhibitedat the 2018 Physician Practice Management & ASC Symposium, April 25-26, 2018, Nashville, Tennessee.

Conference: Attended– Scott Davis attended the 2018 Health Care Services Private Equity Symposium, March 5-6, 2018, Miami, Florida.

Conference: Attended– Michael Mahoney and Joseph Wisniewski will be attended the Deal Connect Spring 2018: Capital Providers and Investment Banks, March 8th, 2018, Los Angeles, California.

Conference: Attended– Justin Hand and Abe M’Bodj exhibited at The GI Roundtable 2018 conference, March 16-17, 2018, National Harbor, Maryland.

Conference: Attending– Steven Aguiar participated as a speaker on a panel at the 15th Annual Healthcare and Life Sciences Private Equity and Finance Conference, February 21-22, 2018 Chicago, Illinois

Conference: Attending– Ajeya Shekar and Steven Grassa attended the 26th Annual Meeting of the Association of Dermatology Administrators & Managers (ADAM) conference, February 12-14, 2018, San Diego, California.

Conference: Attending– Justin Hand attended the 2018 Hawaiian Eye conference. January 13-19, 2018, Grand Wailea, Maui.

Conference: Attended– Scott Davis attended The Physician Practice Management Industry conference, November 9- 10, 2017, Nashville, Tennessee.

  • “We would not have been successful navigating the process without Provident’s hard work and active participation. They exceeded our expectations and we would highly recommend them to any health care company seeking a knowledgeable and engaged investment banking firm.”

  • “A lot of investment bankers were interviewed, Provident was chosen. Provident delivered. My clients could not be happier.”

  • “While the decision to sell our business was a difficult one, Provident vigilantly represented and protected our best interests throughout the transaction.  Provident was the right choice for Cascade and I would recommend their services to anyone.”

  • ”I have a tremendous amount of appreciation and gratitude to the Provident team for their hard work and diligence throughout this process. Each and every member of the Provident team is excellent at their jobs and it has been a pleasure working with such a professional team. Provident has provided outstanding guidance and counsel, and this deal could never have gotten done without Provident’s leadership.”

  • “After working with Provident on several transactions, it is evident that their extensive industry knowledge and deal expertise prove to be invaluable to their clients.”

  • “Provident listened to our story, confirmed that our business was valuable and made us feel like this was the only transaction important to them.”

  • “Provident’s depth of experience and practical business savvy was demonstrated in their ability to cut through what sometimes looked like impasse.”